Fletzko SPS

Multipurpose Hand Paddle | 2017


The Fletzko SPS is a lightweight multipurpose hand paddle. Originally, it has been designed as a swim paddle to increase training performance of sport swimmers, what is still regarded as its main purpose. During the product development my colleague Dominik Janetzko and I thought about other purposes of a hand paddle and came up with the idea of creating a multipurpose paddle. Thus (attention: sarkasm follwing), the Fletzko SPS can be used not only for swimming, but also for playing ping pong and as a slapping device. The product features an ergonomic design customized for a female hand, which has been scanned beforehand. The SPS has been designed with the CAD software Fusion 360 by Autodesk and a first full-sized prototype has been printed with an Ultimaker 2+.

My tasks

Idea & Concept
Product Design (CAD)
3D Printing
Entertaining Presentation

Product Features

Training Regions

SPS – Swim Pong Slap

Design Process

3D Print & CAD Renderings