Save the Ales

animated infographics


Save the Ales is an animation using infographics and humour to create awareness about climate change from a different point of view: Beer. Climate change has a huge impact on the taste and quality of the popular beverage.
The project was created as individual work as part of the course 'Typography for Screen and Motion' at the Swinburne University in 2015.

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You love Australian Beer? Its great taste and all its variations? You’d better start worrying about climate change. Since 1950 Australian average temperature has increased by almost one degree. And it won’t stop if we don’t change our ways. Due to increased evaporation and irregularities in rainfall, drought months will appear up to 80% more often in Western Australia by 2070. The extreme weather conditions will reduce crops of barley and hops and scale up the amount of water needed for production. Subsequently beer prices will increase. And there’s more: Global warming will affect the quality of ingredients, resulting in a bad taste and less variety. Based on the Australian Bureau of Statistics, an average Australian drinks about 92 litres of beer a year. So, just imagine living without tasty and affordable ales. Don’t risk it! Visit and help to save the earth – it’s the only planet with beer!